An extremely practical method for repairing bone fractures

According to Fertak News,

In their latest research, Canadian experts have found that mirror exercises can be used to strengthen fractured arm or leg muscles, a finding that comes from a team of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

When people have fractures of the arm or leg and have to use a splint or gypsum to hold the organ for several weeks, they usually do nothing with that part of their body, causing the plaster and splint to open up. For a long time this organ has weak muscles and is not functioning properly.

This condition, known as muscle atrophy, can persist for several weeks after fracture healing. In a new study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, scientists have found a great way to prevent power failure. The broken limb muscles have been found by strengthening the similar limb.

In this study, the scientists performed two experiments in two groups of students, in the first group students plastered their hands and reinforced the exercise with their opposite hands, while the second group only plastered one hand and performed There were no strength exercises.

After four weeks, experts examined the fractured limb muscle mass in both groups using ultrasound imaging and found that the group working on the opposite hand (healthy hand) had a favorable volume, while the second group performed Unfair exercise has lost about 2 percent of its muscle mass.

Performing a mirror technique to strengthen the opposing organ has been known in medical science for years. Experts do not yet fully understand how strengthening one organ affects the other, similar to some hypotheses that this type of exercise can alter the nervous system, alert the human brain to the same organs, and strengthen one. The organ receives a nerve pulse from the brain to strengthen both organs.

Experts believe that there may be a connection between nervous system changes and muscle protein balance.

Researchers are considering further research into new therapeutic strategies for treating fractures and alleviating fracture of the limb, less the need for knee patrol surgery and the treatment of stroke complications.

Experts advise people with fractures of the arm or leg to perform expert, light and standard exercises to prevent their fractured or weakened body from being analyzed.


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